Thursday, July 2, 2015

My First Night Out Post Baby!

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So my mother (of all people) has been on me about taking some time away from Baby Girl to have a little fun. At 10 weeks old I had only been away from her twice and both times were for a makeup client. Apparently it was time for me to do something for myself without her A.K.A. Memere wanted to spend more time with her granddaughter. I will admit, it is really difficult for me to step away from her. I will spare the world the details but I am a single mom. I am the only parent there for I do everything and don't get many moments to myself. I'm not very good at letting someone take over for me. As much as I did not want to admit it, I needed a tiny break.

Clearly I took this as an opportunity to look cute and take selfies because why not. My makeup was on point and it's almost a sin to pass up good lighting. 

I decided to spend some time with my cousin, Marisa. She's super busy with college and the one gazillion other things she's doing all at once and I've been super busy with the whole becoming a mommy and having a newborn thing and we haven't had a lot of "Cousin Time" as we call it.

Being the big baby I am, I could not bare missing bedtime so we scheduled to meet for a late-ish dinner date at Olive Garden shortly after Baby Girl's bedtime. She goes to bed at 7:15-7:30 these days. I have an awesome daughter who scheduled her own bedtime and sleeps through the night at her now 11 weeks of age. I don't know if that is super normal or not but I find it awesome none the less. Anyways, I was super excited to get to hang out with Marisa and to have my first glass of wine since I found out I was pregnant.

We had a great time catching up. I was able to go the whole dinner with only one baby talk slip up and had a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Clearly I was excited about the wine.

Marisa found the fact that the once heavy weight wine tolerant girl she once knew had become a light weight who felt a buzz after half a glass of happy juice.

After we realized our server had actually left for the night and we were one of like 5 tables still there we decided to run over to Krispy Kreme as if we hadn't already consumed enough calories for a week. We were a tad mislead. The "Hot and Ready" sign was on but the doughnuts were not hot or ready.

We ended up waiting quite a while for them to make some more.

This is when we encountered a very positive, perky, and downright loveable employee and by positive, perky, and downright loveable I mean a serious gumpy gills. This guy did NOT like his job.

Not only was he just down right rude, he stiffed me on my cappuccino. He literally only filled it up half way. I paid over $3 for half a cappuccino. It wasn't even worth asking for more. I sucked it up, ate my hot and fresh doughnuts, and drank my half empty drink.

By this time it was 11 pm and WAY past my bedtime and pump time. Upon feeling my boobs harden up and feeling a leak coming on we decided to part ways. We weren't too upset seeing as how we were going to be seeing each other the next day at a family function. And there you have it, my first night out without baby. 

I am a party animal, what can I say?