Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mommy and Beauty Favorites || June 2015

It feels so great to be able to get back into a beauty routine. It feels even better to be able to start trying new things again. I've got some fun things to try and review during the month of July which I am super excited about.

For the month of June I have a little bit of everything on my favorites list.

I will start with my June Mommy Favorites:

Moby Wrap - I LOVE this thing. I acutally use this the most when I am at work. Baby girl gets to come to work with me and even though I have my younger sister helping me with her while I'm there during this summer, sometimes she jut wants her mommy and no one else. I can wrap myself, put her in, and I have both hands to work with while she naps, nurses, or just looks around. I am still mastering using the wrap and different ways to wrap.

Baby Nursing App - I can barely keep up with my car keys let alone how many pee diapers vs. poop diapers my daughter has or when, how long, and how often she is nursing. That is where the Baby Nursing App comes in. One of my awesome nurses at the hospital showed it to me. You can literally record anything related to your baby. You can track weight gain, diaper info, and you even get notifications when it is time for your baby to nurse. This thing keeps me organized...which is a miracle! You can find it in your app store. It is the one with pink icon and a silhouette of a mom holding her baby. If you type Baby Nursing, it should be the first thing that pops up.

Beauty and Hair Favorites:

BH Pro Anti Shine - I use this primer under my makeup everyday. Georgia summers are brutal and this little tube of matte-ey goodness keeps my makeup #flawless! I am the world's worst at touchups and they are virtuously unnecessary with my anti-shine. The best part about this product is that it is very reasonably priced. It is actually on sale right now on the BH Cosmetics website for $10 so check it out Here and let me know if you try it :)

WnW Eye Primer - This is my holy grail eye primer. I've been using it for quite some time. I occasionally try something else out and always turn back to my tried and true. The only comparable eye prime is the NARS eye shadow primer. But, the WnW primer is only $5 so obviously the money saver in me goes with the cheaper option.

WnW Velvet Matte Lip Color in Timeless Chick - I'm loving both matte and maroon-ish/berry/rusty rose-ish lip colors lately. This lip color is from the popular Fergie line just like the eye primer. I really enjoy this line! The longevity of the lip color does have a lot to be desired but I can get past it solely because I love the color.I have found setting it with a little HD powder does help.  I have made this my weekend color!

ELF Studio Makeup Mist and Set - I prefer setting sprays over setting powders any day. I also prefer a good deal over paying a crap ton of money. ELF Studio line products are a favorite of mine in general. I always enjoyed the NYX setting sprays until I tried this one out. It is only $3 and seals my makeup for an all day perfect finish.

MUFE Liquid Lift Foundation - MUFE Liquid Lift Foundation has become my favorite summer foundation. It is medium coverage that can be built to full. I have normal to dry skin and paired with the BH Pro Anti-Shine I am left with the perfect glow without looking oily or sweaty.

Moroccan Oil Hairspray - If you have ever tried a product from the Moroccan Oil line you probably noticed how absolutely amazing it smelled. Well imagine a bombdiggity hairspray that doesn't make your hair crunchy and smells like Moroccan heaven and you have the Moroccan Oil Hairspray. I tried this hairspray a few years ago and recently rediscovered it. I'm so glad I did!

Well there you have it! These were my favorite things for the month of June. If you have tried any of these things comment below and let me know what you think of them. Also, I am always looking for new things to try out so suggest away :)

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